Controls on production chain


The production of a high quality extra-virgin olive oil is at the very heart of Canio and Rocco Pace’s hard work, so they carefully control the quality of raw materials, processing methods and the company management.
In this way they create a solid bond of trust between them and their clients.

You can trust us because:

1. We care for the hygiene of the product
Our oil is not only GOOD, but also and above all HEALTHY, HYGIENIC and SAFE. One of the most important principles of our management policy is the hygiene of the product. Since we want to offer a healthy and safe product, we put the aftermost care in every step of the oil processing.
Every year before starting the oil production, we take samples of the water used in the oil processing and by the machines and we send them to an external accredited laboratory to have them analyzed.
Periodically, very accurate controls are performed in order to assess the hygienic conditions of the equipment and of the company infrastructures, as well as of the personnel. Each employee (the Management included) has a Health Record to update every year and they undergo periodical medical visits.

2. We guarantee our clients the analytical quality of our products
Both all incoming raw materials and finished goods are analyzed by accredited external laboratories (besides internal controls) that verify the values we can write on the labels. Every lot of bottled oil has therefore undergone a number of analysis and controls confirming the compliance with laws in force and product characteristics.
Certifications are a further proof of the safety of our oils.

3. We guarantee our clients the organoleptic and sensorial characteristics of the product
The experience we developed through studies, seminars, meetings, training courses and, of course, the Pace’s (Canio’s and Rocco’s) daily work enabled us to create a highly qualified tasting group to make an oil organoleptic evaluation. This allows us to select only the best oils. To confirm the product quality, a tasting test is submitted also to an external laboratory.

4. We guarantee our clients the quality of our services
Our objective is meeting the clients’ requests at best, so every year we plan new measures to improve our services. The most important ones are:
- “satisfied or refunded” guarantee for 18 months upon purchase. Only Frantoio Oleario Pace can offer such guarantee
- the continuous control over carriers’ shipments for a service always on time - maximum attention to clients’ complaints and comments
- a toll free number for our clients (for every inquiry or communication) active 12 hours per day.

5. We guarantee the quality of our work and of the organization
To accomplish objectives relating to quality, having an effective structure capable of supporting all the company’s initiatives is essential. Fratelli Pace created a very qualified structure where staff is directly involved in the planning and the implementation of an ongoing improvement at all levels.
Every employee is trained to learn what is necessary to exert his/her duties.