Environmental Certification




Frantoio Oleario F.lli Pace S.r.l. really believes that human progress can be good and long-lasting only if it respects environment. People is becoming more aware of the environmental degradation caused by an uncontrolled and irrational development and management of resources.

Sustainable development is the only way to shape our future and the principle to be applied should be "everyone’s contribution for the wellbeing of all".

By adopting an environmental management system, the management of Frantoio Oleario F.lli Pace commits itself to:

- obey the environmental laws in force;
- prevent pollution;
- implement a system of continuous improvement taking into consideration the environmental   performances of the company;
- plan new products respecting the environment;
- improve the existing production processes reducing their environmental impact;
- reduce energy consumption for company processes, as well as to reduce power, water and fuel consumption.

Implementing an EMS (Environmental management system) enables the company to seize new opportunities on the market thanks to the growing demand of products with a reduced environmental impact.

The management, therefore, asks its employees to implement all provisions they receive as executive instructions and communications in order to avoid environmental accidents.