Our History


At the beginning of the '70s driven by the his relatives’ and friends’ enthusiasm, Vincenzo Pace decided to make his olive oil known outside the small municipality of Avigliano.
Success came immediately and Vincenzo decided to invest all his savings to build a plant in today's site of the Frantoio Oleario F.lli Pace, in the municipality of Pietragalla.
Since then, Olio Pace has slowly made its way in all the kitchens of the families living in Basilicata.
Canio and Rocco Pace (and their mother Maria) started soon to help their father in running the company. At the beginning of the '80s besides the attention paid to the production of the olive oil, they started to pay particular attention to the quality of the service offered. Rocco and Canio decided that the time was ripe to launch their products on the broader national market. The company mission became clear: make the extra-virgin olive oil of the Basilicata region known in Italy and in the world.
Today, the company has a modern and high-quality structure and it can offer the best in terms of product and service quality. An innovative oil mill with three production lines (traditional millstones, olive press and destoner) was built and its production capacity was able to satisfy the demand.
Today, more than 30,000 families in Italy can taste the excellent extra-virgin olive oil of Frantoio Oleario Pace. And it’s just the beginning...