Our production chain


   The Frantoio Oleario Pace follows the whole production chain from the tree to your table.

   It selects the best areas to grow olive trees and the finest olive varieties of the Basilicata region and the nearby regions.

   It chooses harvesting areas like Montescaglioso and near sites for the cultivar Ogliarola del Bradano, Ferrandina for the cultivar Maiatica, Lavello for the cultivar Coratina and many other sites.

   Our harvesting centres select and accept only perfectly healthy and whole olives, picked up by manual stripping off or mechanical olive harvesting.

   On the site there are baskets specially designed to let the air in, many farms and olive growers sell their olives to the Frantoio Oleario Pace as agreed year by year. Every year thousands of olive growers sell their olives to our oil mill.
Olives are put in the baskets and they are sent to our oil mill from the harvesting sites.

   Several controls are performed and only the best olives are sent to the processing site. First of all, stems, twigs and leaves are removed and the olives are cleaned with water to remove all impurities.

   Now they are ready for milling: they are ground by granite stone rollers or wheels, olives are reduced to a paste ready to be sent to the kneading machine where it's stirred slowly and continuously at low temperatures preparing it for the extraction. In the milling phase time and temperatures are strictly controlled, they are of paramount importance to obtain a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil by cold-pressing.

  Extraction consists in separating the oil from olive paste and water. In order to preserve the characteristics of the freshly pressed oil, temperature is strictly controlled.

  Finally, the complete separation of oil from water occurs in the separator, where even the smallest water drops are removed. The oil is analyzed as soon as it's ready and tasted by the Fratelli Pace themselves, they use the panel test to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics. Oil is kept in stainless steel drums at low temperatures.

    The next steps are pouring, filtering and bottling. We analyze every bottle and we check that all parameters meet the regulatory requirements, as well as our certifications requirements. On every bottle you can find information on the oil: lot number, bottling date, acidity, peroxides, K232 and waxes.

So our oil is eventually ready to be brought on your table.