Our sales experience


We started our experience in the olive oil sector in the ‘70s.
Our choice was clear from the very first day: sell our oil directly to the families, thus putting at first place quality and the relationship between producer and consumers, services and a good price-quality ratio.
After becoming leader in Basilicata in the segment of direct sales, we needed to broaden our reference market and to acquire new clients at national level.
Our working system did not change, but we had to compete with bigger and more experienced companies. That was a challenge we decided to take, we faced difficulties, but we went on promoting our extra-virgin olive oil.
By carefully selecting exhibits, fairs of the food and wine industry in the main central-northern Italian cities, we managed to reach the tables of thousands of families in Italy.
The good quality of our products and services turned our clients into our best promoters.

Today our sales process is structured differently according to the territory:
*in the Basilicata region we deliver to our clients’ home with our transportation means
* in the rest of the territory, sales are made by telephone and products are delivered by a carrier

Our clients are demanding and have the following characteristics:
* they pay attention to their diet
* they are sensitive to the quality of products
* they look for innovative products
* they pay attention to the Italian origin of the products
* the pay attention to the service and the guarantees